Monday, May 28, 2007

Drowned at birth

I'm posting this from a GNER train somewhere in the vicinity of York. The on-board wi-fi is incredibly slow and for some reason seems to have given me a Swedish IP address, but -- free wi-fi on a train! Result!

Before I logged on I finished off my sitcom for May's comedy writing challenge. The good news is that I'm now able to churn out pages at the rate of five or more per hour in full flow. The bad news is that the pages I've churned out this time are pants. Painfully, leadenly, unfunnily, and probably irredeemably awful. I think this sitcom is getting drowned at birth. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to the world of the day job

Today was my first day at work. In my earlier post I didn't mention the exact nature of my job because all I had at the time was a verbal offer. But they've now let me into the building and promised me a network ID, so it's probably safe to reveal I'm working for the BBC Future Media and Technology department as a software engineer.

Thus ends an approximately nine-month stint of writing full-time. I think, though, that I needed a bit of a shake-up. For months I'd been having problems motivating myself to write, and in a perverse way it was nice to have to get up this morning and trudge off to do things for other people.

If I ever do manage to write full-time on a permanent basis, I think I'll get some sort of studio space and thus force myself to 'trudge off' of a morning. Having my living space as my work space just seemed to reinforce my stuck-in-a-rut state.