Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My steampunk script, entitled Jubilee for the moment, now has a completed first draft. Huzzah!

This is the second time I've gone from naught to first draft in two months, and I found this time that I could faff about in the first month and catch up in the second. In the last couple of weeks I was doing five pages a day, and on a good day I could complete those five pages in an hour. I'm still a long way behind Phill Barron, who recently wrote a feature script in five days, but I'm pleased that my run rate continues to improve.

Next up, the second draft. For which I'm actually going to have to do research, rather than saying, "They do some engineering stuff and a laser beam shoots out the front door of St Paul's Cathedral." And seeing as the story's set in 1897, I should probably take out those references to music from 1979 as well. Pity.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And bah again

Film London have said no to the feature film on which I'm collaborating.

But -- and I think this is a big but -- they want to meet with the producers on Friday to discuss other ways of taking the project forward. I have no idea if "other ways" implies funding through them, or their help in securing funding through someone else, or what. Either way, I figure if they're still talking to us after turning us down, that's got to be a good thing.