Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlie Brooker on Jan Moir on Stephen Gately

I have to admit, I didn't know who Stephen Gately was until I read his obituary. For the similarly ignorant, he was a member of Boyzone, and he died of pulmonary oedema, i.e. fluid on the lungs.

Unless you talk to Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir, who seems to think he died of being gay. The sub-title of her column, before it was changed, read "There Was Nothing Natural About Stephen Gately's Death".

Writing in the Guardian, Charlie Brooker gives the woman the skewering she deserves, and does it in a much more eloquent and less sweary manner than I ever could.

You're a good man, Charlie Brooker.

[Edited to correct a grammatical error.]


Blogger Jenna McWilliams said...

Yeah, I couldn't avoid sweary language when I posted my own response to ignoramus Jan Moir. My take is at .

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