Monday, April 16, 2007

Peer pressure

It's that time again -- my screenwriting buddies are challenging each other to write scripts to stupid deadlines. I thought I'd wheedled my way out of doing any more of these challenges until July, but yesterday I suddenly found myself agreeing to write a 30-minute comedy piece (probably a TV sitcom in my case) during the month of May. The same month I'm moving house. You can fit me for my straitjacket now.

Looks like my only competition for this challenge is Piers. I fear he may score a victory by walkover. But then again, fear of ridicule is quite a good motivator (and if I don't deliver, ridiculed I will most certainly be), so watch this space.

EDIT: It turns out William is in as well, so I'm in for twice the ridicule if I fail. On the other hand, if I succeed and both William and Piers fail, I'll get to dish out twice the ridicule. Swings and roundabouts...


Blogger William Gallagher said...

But you're only up for the half-hour comedy? Not the subsequent period film?

I see no reason the period film can't be a comedy. And I"m angling for the period to be 2006.

Mind you, whose stupid idea was a period film anyway?


7:07 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Well, if the period can be the future (i.e. I can try my hand at science fiction, which I haven't written since I was 14), I'll consider it.

The main reason I'm hesitating about the period feature is that I already have two features in need of re-drafts. The rom com is almost there, but the other one is still at first draft stage. First drafts are lovely, but they won't get made or get me an agent.

11:24 AM  
Blogger William Gallagher said...

I do regard science fiction as period drama. And isn't it funny how a series set in 2099 or something will be criticised for its predictions of the future where something set in 1899 can get away with anything?

Just not sure why the expectation is that all SF is trying to do is predict the future. If it were, if SF weren't drama, it'd be so dull. Hang on, most SF is so dull. I may be on to something.

I did originally mean period in the traditional sense but of course the idea I'm vaguely nurturing wouldn't entirely it that so you go for it, Space: 2999.


5:02 PM  
Blogger Piers said...

That's so not period drama, you two.

Stop it at once.

5:07 PM  

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