Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another day, another draft

Some of my friends and I like to challenge each other to various writing tasks. Most of the time this takes the form, "Write a first draft of [thing x] in [timespan y]." E.g., "Write a first draft of a feature script in two months."

The current challenge is a little bit different. Piers Beckley, William Gallagher, and I have tasked each other with producing a draft of something we've previously worked on, in a timeframe of 15 days. So, in effect, this one is a rewrite challenge.

I chose to work on my rom com feature script, which regular readers may remember has been almost done for an embarrassingly long time. The challenge was just the motivation I needed to pull my finger out and fix the structure. (Well, I hope the structure's now fixed.)

I delivered my draft on Tuesday, and my hope is that I can do one final draft based on Piers' and William's notes, bulk the script out by a few pages (it's currently running a bit short), and call it done. That would be doubly nice because I don't have a feature spec in my portfolio at present, and that's a rather glaring absence.


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