Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Ada Lovelace was arguably the first computer programmer, and today is all about promoting women in technology. I'm doing this by a) being a woman (I do this most days), and b) working with technology (I do this most Mondays through Fridays).

Check out this Guardian article on the subject. The author discusses not just women in technology, but female scientists in film and TV. To wit, there aren't very many of them. One of the comments suggests Agent Scully as an example, but I think that only works if you disregard the later series of The X-Files, in which said agent turns into a weepy, ineffectual moron.

Sadly, the best screen example of techy women I can think of is Star Trek: Voyager. The ship is full of 'em. That show's creators obviously thought long and hard about gender equality. Pity they didn't think very long and hard about the stories.


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