Tuesday, June 05, 2007


William Gallagher has this to say about my TV sitcom:

"It's a good idea but it's not there yet, is it?"

But he also has this to say:

"I hope you carry on with this one, I really think you've hit a rich seam."

I'd already bought the bag and the stones and was halfway to the river, cackling with glee at my script's impending watery fate. And now it looks like I can't drown it after all. I never get to have any fun.


Blogger William Gallagher said...

Though what does this William Gallagher bloke know? I've met him, I'm not impressed.

I know you're really saying you will work on this idea but if you did decide to take a river walk, it's your idea, you bring as many stones as you like. I just feel there aren't that many situations for sitcoms and this one is potent.

I keep thinking about who uses dating agencies. Friends of mine have but awkwardly they're all friends who I haven't heard from in ages and have lost touch with. Hopefully this means it worked out well, not that they met an axe murderer.

I should hypenate axe-murderer, shouldn't I? Else there's this whole issue of violence against innocent wood-cutting tools.

Given that all my own secondhand experience has abandoned me, though, I still think you can make certain assumptions about dating agencies that suggest this potency.

So, it's reasonable, I think, to assume that a client of an agency is older than the staff working on it: to the staff this is just another office job, to the client it's unlikely to be their first port of call. They've been through bad dates, bad relationships, they're turning to help.

What does it feel like being, say, a 40-year-old woman asking a 20-year-old dating agency rep for that help? How does it feel for a man asking?

Then as I've said to you before, every time the agency is successful it loses two customers.

So it's an ordinary office business but all the customers and the owners are in a heightened situation where they're at least sometimes pretending to be what they're not: the client faux blasé about meeting men or women, the owner promising results while hoping to delay the date until after this month's bills.

I mean it, this is a rich seam. So rich that it must surely have been mined before but I can't remember a sitcom that did. (There is that episode of Brothers & Sisters coming up on Channel 4 that does; I've seen it all now and the agency element is nicely intertwined throughout the episode.)

Just a thought. But I wouldn't listen to Gallagher.


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