Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dole Scum 2: Love on the Dole

You may recall that last year I became dole scum for the first time ever. For about two weeks. Without actually getting paid any benefit.

Well, not only am I back on the bread line, but my fiance lost his job on the same day I lost mine. If it had happened to anyone else I would've found it funny.

In theory I ought to have plenty of time for writing until I sort out another day job, but the truth is I haven't written a word. I've been too stressed out/disheartened/pissed off at the universe. Instead I've been playing World of Warcraft and watching Eggheads. My fiance has fallen even further -- most days he plays World of Warcraft and watches Eggheads in his dressing gown.

I suppose I could keep an unemployment diary and create either a slacker film or a piece of social realism for Guardian readers.

"Monday. Woke up to cat hairballing. Levelled up paladin, increased warrior's leatherworking skill from 350 to 352. Watched game shows. Cooked Thai curry. Ordered groceries online from Waitrose. Went to bed."

Hmm, maybe not.


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