Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blissful week of writing

The holiday year at work turns over at the end of March, so this week I'm at home burning off the days I failed to use for proper vacations earlier on. My to-do list is as follows:

- Get as much done as possible on my steampunk script. Realistically, I think that means substantial improvements to act 1 and little to nothing on acts 2 and 3.

- Write lots of comedy sketches for a BBC radio show that's taking unsolicited submissions. The brief for that one should appear on the BBC Writers' Room site soon if it hasn't already.

- Finish unpacking from my move. Nothing to do with writing I know, but the hallway is still impassable to everyone except the cats. And we've invited quite a few non-cats to our housewarming party on Saturday, so...


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