Thursday, January 03, 2008

And a bloggy New Year

I ushered in 2008 on a sixth-floor rooftop in Berlin. There's apparently no official fireworks display there, but that doesn't matter because everyone just lets off their own. At midnight the sky lit up with a mass of random DIY displays that rivaled the professionals in terms of explosive power and far exceeded the professionals in terms of volume.

By 1 AM the streets were utterly awash in fireworks wrappers and singed cardboard tubes. On the way back to the hotel we saw two impromptu bonfires made from all the used packaging. One of said bonfires contained an unexploded firework, which shot out sideways at ground level and nearly kneecapped an unsuspecting onlooker. Oops...

Now it's time for New Year's resolutions. Lose weight, eat right, blah blah blah, you don't care about all that.

Get at least one feature script into good enough shape to send out. You might care about that.

My rom com script is almost ready to go, but it's been almost ready to go since before Aled Jones' voice broke. I keep coming up against the same structural problems, "fixing" them, then getting told I haven't fixed them after all. It may be time to declare that one as good as it's going to get, and either send it out as is or abandon it.

I've got two other features at first draft stage, one of which I re-read over Christmas and made some second draft plans for. That's the steampunk script, and that's the one I'll probably tackle first.

Meanwhile, Mixt Nutz appeared in a ten-minute slot on BBC Radio London last week. Huzzah! As I understand it, there's potential for this to be a regular weekly occurrence, which would of course be lovely.

Meanwhile meanwhile, I seem to be slowly getting better at Facebook Scrabble. That's writing-related, right? Okay, it's word-related. Okay, it's mostly related to words like "za" and "qi". Um, never mind.


Blogger Lianne said...

Happy New Year!

I am crap at Facebook Scrabble but obsessed with it nonetheless.

2:30 PM  

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