Monday, November 12, 2007

Much annoyance and consternation

I've just discovered that Scriptsmart doesn't work on Windows Vista. Guess what my laptop shipped with? I'll give you 3.14159 guesses. Take your time, this question is a real toughie.

Damn it.

I need to write some radio sketches. Anyone have suggestions for alternative software? I'm muddling through with Final Draft's BBC taped sitcom template at the moment, but that's looking like a seriously poor substitute.

EDIT: To the many thousand readers who will doubtless suggest, "Why not just go back to XP?" believe me, I'm considering it. But I've already transferred all my data onto this machine, and if possible I want to avoid doing it again.


Blogger William Gallagher said...

ScriptSmart is just a set of Word macros, isn't it? (And presumably, surely, Word works in Vista.) If I'm right about that, why not just take any old script you've written that's in the right format and overwrite that?

You won't get any of the automation, but you will see the layout you're trying to work to. And sketches are presumably short.

Plus, if you have a Word document with, say, the stage directions just so, select one and make it into a Style. I wrote my own styles for a radio script I was doing in Word; press F1 or something and anything I wrote next would be indented this far, italicised or whatever. F2 would be left-justified, Roman text. And so on.

You still have to do some typing but not quite as much as starting raw on each line.

Plus you can use Word's AutoCorrect feature for shortcuts: set it so when you type WG it automatically replaces that with "WILLIAM GALLAGHER:" and even an indent after it.

Just a thought,

11:52 PM  

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