Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My cat has herpes

This post isn't particularly relevant to anything, but given the title of the blog I couldn't resist.

At the moment I'm in America visiting my dad, whose household includes two dogs and four cats. One of the cats is Cardinal Richelieu, who used to be mine but couldn't come with me when I moved to London. This morning His Eminence was off his food and had one eye glued shut with discharge. The vet diagnosed a viral infection, most probably herpes. Not the kind of herpes that infects humans, thankfully.

After a steroid injection and some eye cream the cat's feeling much better. Makes you wonder what he's been up to, though...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, the little Lothario got his due, eh? Actually, the modern antiherpetic drugs are very good for halting viral replication in its tracks. It was what I investigated in Chicago. -ASG

4:51 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

We've been given a jar of intensely fishy-smelling antiviral powder to sprinkle over the cat's food. I presume the fishiness is an additive to make the stuff palatable.

Trouble is, while most of the symptoms are much reduced, the cat isn't showing a lot of interest in eating. Poor guy.

2:54 AM  

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